Revolutionizing finance by making it collective

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Make Your Goals

With Akiba reach your goals . Invite friends, family or office colleagues and get together the money you need for everyone achieve their dreams

New screen
New Computer
Fix your Car

Akiba Benefits

Makes it easy

You do not have to spend a a lot of time, just follow the steps of app.

Supports you

We team up with you and yours to help you.

Your Solution

Akiba is fast and safe , so you have a real solution.

It gives you options

You choose who to do your Akiba , how much and how often .

Easy to Understand

We have no commissions or fine print

It is with reliable

We are supported by international agencies, besides having presence in Switzerland , Uganda and Pakistan.

It's fun

Have fun and enjoy learning the bidding economy.

It is socially responsible

Akiba was created with the mission of being a support tool for you and yours.

It is innovative

As such, it is a concept never before seen in Uganda, and responds to current needs .

It is safe

No need to worry , your money is safe with the best security tools encryption available on the market.

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How does it work?

Download Akiba

It's FREE and perfectly safe . You can pay using Mobile Money The money goes from your AKIBA into the hands of the person who is responsible in turn, nonstop.

Create your Akiba

It is easy and intuitive. Follow the simple steps of naming your Akiba , choose start date, amount and frequency and ready .

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Invite Others to Join

Through WhatsApp , social networks or email.


If you want a specific shift to get your money , you can Bid and win. The money You get into the auction, is divided between the rest. If you would like not to auction you can choose random shifts.


We use PCI DSS which is a security standard that means that your banking information is never revealed. Your payments are secure. Akiba does not manage your money, we use different payment processors that are responsible for carrying out banking transactions.


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Phone Number

+256 758 207 988

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